Our Products

As a manufacture/distributor, Acadia Drywall offer a lot of different quality products to the customers. We sell products such as drywall, plaster, insulation products for residential and commercial, ventilation products, suspended ceilings, fasteners, steel stud framing and much more. 

We are one of eastern's Canada biggest Drywall Distributor, we have various location in Ontario, Quebec and all four maritime provinces. We manufacture a lot of our products like Steel framing studs, Joint Compound, Drywall and ventilation products. Our products is made to rival the industry's leaders in quality and delivery lead times. 


We currently manufacture many type of Drywall products at our manufacturing plant in Point Tupper, NS. Our current product mix includes regular and fire rated products, mold and moisture resistant products, abuse resistant products, vinyl ceiling tiles, and exterior sheathing products. 

You can visit our website for Cabot at www.cabotgypsum.com.


Acadia Drywall has been carrying the Roxul and Knauf insulation lines for many years. We are very proud de be representing these great companies; there are both global leaders in residential, commercial and industrial building materials. Acadia Drywall's target is to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and acoustic performance in new and existing homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications. With the help of both product lines we're striving everyday to get closer to our objective. 



Acadia Drywall has a wide range of Plaster products; one of our most innovating product is our Platinum Lite Compound. It out sells other brands we carry and it's made in Dieppe, NB. We are also selling other plaster products from the best producers such as Dental Plaster and Thin Coat Plaster called Unikal. 

Steel Studs     

We currently manufacture steel product in Dieppe in NB and Scarborough in ON. We have incredible range of steel product ranging from 10 gauge to 25 gauge and 3' long to 50' long. The end results with our Plant in Dieppe and Scarborough is that we have one of the fastest delivery service for Steel Framing Studs in eastern Canada. In addition, we adhere to the highest quality standards in our industry. 


We have a wide variety of ventilation products that is always in stock and we are also very flexible at making custom sheet metal pieces. Our entire ventilation line is Canadian made and mostly done by our Manufacturing Plant in Dieppe, NB. With our almost 20 years in manufacturing experience, we pride ourselves at having one of the industry's best quality product. 

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